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The Dor & Tan Studio is nestled on the North Cornish Coast in England, a far cry away from the busy, modern life within our cities. It is this rural setting that inspires Sharron, Peter, Matthew, and Viola to create their ceramics.

Each object is hand made from locally sourced clay and fired in kilns powered by renewable energy. Each piece is slightly different owing to the fact they are handmade – sisters, not twins – as they put it.

Prior to launching a new line, the team will test the objects by incorporating them into their everyday lives, where needed, refining from there.

How Dor & Tan places sustainability at the core of their work?

Green Energy

They use green energy at the studio to fire our kilns and power electric wheels. Our clay is wedged by hand, to minimise our use of electricity.

Recyclable Materials

Ensuring packaging can be easily recycled, and where possible are even made from recycled materials.

Sourcing Locally

Sourced within Cornwall and when this is not possible, within the U.K. This is to minimise their environmental impact but also help support local businesses.

Ageless Design

It’s essential to craft ceramics that can age with grace. Dor & Tan strive to create objects using quality materials and techniques, but also with longevity in aesthetics.

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