Sustainability at Artysan - Our Packaging

From our partner suppliers to our packaging, sustainability at the heart of our business. Climate change is one of the pressing issues of our time as such our environmental responsibility is highly important to us, in fact, it is one of our core principles.

Our Packaging:

Our cardboard boxes are some of the UK’s most environmentally friendly. Each requires 7% less material and emit 30% less CO2 from manufacturing when compared with traditional boxes. Our environmental boxes also have superior strength to protect customer orders during shipping.

We minimise the use of plastics in our packaging and are in the process of removing it all together. We use void fill made from 100% recycled paper and craft paper tape. Recyclable and biodegradable.

For our order packaging slips we use recycled and undyed printer paper – this is why our paper is natural in colour.

Recycling our packaging:

We hate throwing away perfectly usable packaging so where possible, we recycle and re-use packaging such as boxes and filler from our bulk supplier product deliveries as well as order returns.